Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Freedom's Blog - How to Turn Down to UP! In 5 Part Harmony

Part 1 – Riding The MOM Wave

This tangible universe operates according to the laws of opposites, checks and balances where every force is counterbalanced. From this perspective there is no good or bad, right or wrong, just the ever moving dance of cosmic ether into matter and then the reverse process of dissolution. I call these two vectors The MOM (More of Me) Wave and The Freedom Wave; together they cause full atomic cycling. Noticing and riding these two waves with equal openness brings harmonic balance. Letting go on the Freedom Wave makes more room for creativity. Creativity on the MOM Wave is enhanced when we can put down our old habits. Posing our mind and heart between these opposite forces and accepting life as a joy, helps reverse downward trends and restores UP and forward motion. My perspectives and the exercises that follow are drawn from the well of ancient yogic wisdom of which I am a student. Take what fits for you. At this time, some of my favorite authors are B.K.S. Iyengar, Eckert Tolle and the Abraham material.

Caveat for Down & UP
Labeling life as down or up is quite absurd! The cosmos is swirling! However, in this blog “down” refers to mood energy which has become dismembered from the inner throb of peaceful being. This sub-divided aspect of self takes on personality characteristic and causes a mood removed from full MOM and Freedom cycle, a mood that fights itself and tends to create encumbrances or obstacles. So “down” in Freedom’s Blog refers to emotional energy that has become awkwardly complex, isolated, slow moving and biologically dysfunctional. Healthy flow gets inhibited and cellular cycles that depend on the full MOM and Freedom cycle become chaotic. A build up of stuff that blocks our insight of how to move on is caused by resisting the cleansing power of the Freedom Wave.

The MOM Wave and The Freedom Wave
Most of us know what its like to get stuck in the down dimension. Down and UP emotions create matching life circumstances. If heading down you might get more down and notice your life turning downhill. However the good news is the well is always open! The More-of-Me or MOM Wave describes a common direction in time/space, a force that primes the creative well within which is designed to express and manifest our desires.

In yoga, the stages of development from a seed to flower and fruit bearing tree describe the spiritual quest. Our soul is the seed, the original spark that caused life. Our soul is a watcher that allows the creative wave to flow through the body and mind to awaken, grow, bloom and completes itself. The MOM Wave is moving behind all life and there is no stopping it. Trying to block MOM can cause exhaustion. The wishing well of our heart, our very own creative vortex, is the hot little idea-box that the MOM Wave draws from and returns to. Our unique soul generates its own beautiful ideas to add to the collective wave. The MOM Wave causes fruitation, it composes and the Freedom Wave facilitates decomposing or cosmic composting.

Allowing The MOM Wave to Move Through You
If we try to block the MOM Wave from moving through us, it tends to cause friction. This disturbance can cause a type of blindness where the soul gets dizzy and forgets what it is UP to. It is easy to become so enraptured and busy in this marvelous world. The yogic theory is that as we grow immersed into multiplying the complexity of our idea-forms, the very dazzle of it all creates amnesia of why we first came into motion. We loose our memory of purpose. Our soul seed voice gets crowded out by other competitive agendas that the mind makes up. This aspect of the mind, the ego, is very much like a lost child. The animal mind will fight to the death to prove it’s self along with clinging to everything in sight. Really our child is afraid. This floundering of desperation wastes energy and disperses concentration. That is how downward swirl occurs; dynamic UP and forward motion is sacrificed. Our disconnection within is what starts the whirlpool of down. Distrust maintains the blockage. Lack of faith in the MOM Wave causes us to pinch tight the feed lines.
We pivot towards the good when we open to allow the MOM Wave to flow through us. To prepare for MOM, we widen our chest, relax and invite her to move through us without complaint. Trust opens our heart and teaches us to ride the wild MOM for all she’s worth. YES IS THE WORD for more MOM!

The Goddess of MOM
The MOM Wave is called The Goddess by ancient cultures. For instance, Lakshmi is the Hindu goddess of wealth, prosperity, wisdom, fortune, generosity and courage. For me this archetype conjures up an image of a magnificent being that emits luxurious, generosity and infinite benevolence. Belief in a high power can help restore trust or you can just trust MOM without needing a stimulus or symbol. Accessing innate intelligence and remembering we are free to create our own destiny is the first step to come awake. Even our cells have the codes to recall our truth and make MOM, more of me. Our solar plexus can be triggered to act like turbines of trust, real guts, ever ready to spiral UP!

Posing or Imposing
While we have little control over the world and its myriad of characters, we do have control over the posing of our emotions. We cannot impose our ideas on others but we can be the peace we wish to see in the world. You see, even if a person is really stuck in “Downland”, and believes they have zero control over their feelings; one step in the UP direction will reverse down.

Give Up the Future
The shift can only occur in the now, not later. I had to give up the future. It never came and that made me unhappy. So then I learned to let go of this fleeting thing called future. Turning down to up requires a powerful pivot, best to do it immediately, fueled by gut trust in our self. UP feelings empower our will to live, activates digestion, increases our rate of inhalation and exhalation and mobilizes cellular intelligence. An UP energy vibration impacts health, happiness and harmony. Down energy can cause the soul seed to forget entirely its reason for being, causing anger, blame and confusion. It is never too late to turn around. UP energy restores memory, relieves frustration and despair and leads towards freedom’s gate. So ride the MOM Wave and go for UP and forward with all your might and don’t look back. Oops, I forgot to mention, you have to give up the past too!

She, the great MOM Wave, flows on your in-breath!

Stay tuned in. Part 2 of Freedom’s Blog explores The MOM Wave partner – The Freedom Wave

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