Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Recharging Our Vitality Turbines

Recharging Our Vitality Turbines!

Each cell in the human body acts like a vitality turbine which powers our progress each day. In the solar plexus area of the body, around the navel, is an area called Manipura in the yoga tradition (Sanskrit). Here the feeling network reveals that our tummy feels good or not. If we are able to transform foods into usable cellular energy then we are supported to function at our optimal best. The solar plexus acts as a generator to sustain momentum during life’s many up and downs. There will always be “things” we cannot change immediately. Having an energy reserve in our cells due to good digestion provides a feeling of abundance and this engenders optimism and acceptance. We create, we are responsible for the condition of our feeling and gross bodies. Choosing to live in the spirit of gratitude vs. complaint encourages us to look on the bright side and this develops more adaptability. Playfulness and cooperation with the movement of life adds that extra joy wheel into Manipura to keep recharging the vitality turbine.

Sailing towards our Destiny – Knowing our Direction

Imagine a sail boat as our body/mind vehicle. For the long haul from birth to death we need the wind to fill our sails as breath fills our lungs. For short stints, we use the engine, the energy reserve in Manipura for more power. The idea is to mostly use the wind and not use up all your gas by the time you are 35!

In our day of modern science we can dissect and study how the digestive system operates yet that does not explain how our moods and attitudes reflect themselves in our tummy area. Do we have tools to keep our spirits high? Do we live with an attitude of plentitude that potential energy is everywhere? How do we harvest the most energy and joy from what we think and eat?
Shifting towards higher functioning implies giving up waiting for change. I believe that each being has a chosen destiny and only when we are on route do our vitality turbines burn most efficiently. Some sort of sensing device in our heart knows that either we are heading toward home or not and revs up the gas or steps on the brake. If each day we proceed closer to our heart’s call, then the perpetual motion of enthusiasm will carry us along on the wind.

The 5 Phases of Recharging Our Cellular Turbines

1. Acceptance and Gratitude: Regardless if we are starting with good or poor health, we first accept where we are and really be okay with it. This will naturally part the curtain of ignorance that shrouds our attachments to ideas, to wanting things to be different than they are. Acceptance is a leap off point, a portal to receive energy by cooperating with the movement of life. This creates flow and delight.

2. Study: Arrogance blocks growth. After many years I came to see my own futile resistance hidden deep under other layers that looked nice to the world. I was humbled. I learned to question myself, meditate, take long walks in nature and introspect. Research and study helps me dance on this edge of growth, being willing to open my mind and learn from others. Study informs and helps renew the mind.

3. Healthy Practices: Study and humility then helps us to understand and explore new health practices. Seeing positive results provides necessary feedback. Noticeable results can be used to increase commitment. Commitment produces more results.

4. Imagination: Sometimes I pretend I am two years old again and fresh on life’s journey with endless zeal! I have a photo of little baby me nearby to jog my memory. Modulating my own mood has been my ally in growing well. Music is useful to stimulate the imagination. So are excursions in nature flooded with sunshine and beauty. Use what you got and be creative. Playfulness causes fun and joy turns turbine wheels!

5. Sharing & Caring: When we finally see how the principles of abundance work we can begin to use what is called karma yoga. Whatever we create we then do for the joy of the doing and the sharing. We enjoy the journey and not just the journey’s end. We savor the moment. We treasure our relationships with others, we feel what they feel. The connection and pleasure is immediate. Watch out for old losers to reappear in the mind, those win/lose greedy gremlins. Discipline the mind with meditation! Sharing and caring are the precepts of prosperity.

We have a galaxy of cells, celestial-agents, if you will, that carry the code of our attitudes and moods via chemicals of emotion. Our cells are thus entrained as energy turbines. Their level of vibration reflects our alignment with the direction of our destiny. The gathering of cells in the digestive area, in the Manipura Chakra - unveil a song each day of willingness or resistance, wellness or woe. I hope these ideas help you consider the effects of your thoughts and feelings on the charge level of your cellular turbines and the integrity of your digestive system.

Wait no more. Go for joy now and breathe big! Let your heart expand and tell you its secrets.

One more time: Listening and accepting the truth that our body teaches us, thankfulness, being willing to learn new stuff while adapting to life’s ups and downs with a creative sprit, and committing to find and enact our special work in the world all these serve us well on our journey towards holy wholeness. Healthy practices and a caring and sharing attitude keep the circle of love flowing and flowering ever outward and paradoxically inward in the cosmic spiral of evolution.