Thursday, May 27, 2010

My Mother , The Great Z

My Mother, The Great Z

My mother, Charlotte, defended me like a wolverine wild woman. She loved me unconditionally as only a mother can. All along our journey she covered my back. Yet it was only after her sudden departure from this Earthly sphere, that I actually received the full gift of her potent and instinctive love. Life is so rich, amazing and paradoxical like that! Now that she is gone, I remade her into a youthful playmate, I call her Charlottla, the Great Z - signifying her eternal and ethereal nature, for at least within my heart, she will live on forever.

First she helped me get to my feet… literally; I have a picture from 1956 to prove it where I am taking my first steps, one hand flinging in fear, the other held by the Great Z, stooped down and real close, watching me with pointed tenderness. I swear that the power of her eyes alone could keep danger away. Mom’s regular position was to defend me against the onslaught of my older brother’s roughness. When I was a teen, she protected me from my father’s criticism which she thought was crude. Dad was actually a soft-ee but he could be aroused and she, Charlotte the Great Z, guarded me closely with all her might. Once she made up her mind about anything….well she could not be easily deterred! What power, whew!

As an adult, my mother expressed genuine and excited interest in all my involvements and always, or so it seems to me, took my side! I am laughing for how pampered and lucky a life I lived under the care of my mother, The Great Z, maker of Zen or Harmonic Oneness. Only now am I tapping the magnitude of treats she laid at my feet.
Is this not the most hidden of all secrets when it comes to creating a prosperous life? That the gifts laid under the Christmas tree for us, barely opened or only partly appreciated, waiting for our patient attention, must be explored before we get to pass through the next gate in life’s journey?

Perhaps the greatest act of achieving a rich and abundant life is simply learning to play with pleasure in our own backyard. My mom helped me to enjoy cooking, raking leaves and way back then, ironing shirts, Ha! Thanks to her I became a strong, confident and creative woman. The Z’s way taught me to protect my own children and to feel safe. My gratitude quivers and dances my own heart strings. Can we enter the portal of plentitude by opening to our mothers love and completely appreciating what we have already received until we vibrate and tingle with delight? Is the perception of success in all things in the immediate now easier than we think? Is entry into the Temple of Zen, where juicy joy swims in slow and delicious motion, possible this moment? My feeling is a double YES with cherries on top!